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Data Structure With Python

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Linear data structure: If the weather of a knowledge structure end in a sequence or a linear list then it’s known as a Linear organization. each data component is connected to its next and generally previous component during a serial manner. Example – Arrays, connected Lists, Stacks, Queues, etc. Data Structure With Python

Non-linear data structure: If the weather of a knowledge structure end in the way that the traversal of nodes isn’t tired a serial manner, then it’s a Non-linear organization. Its components don’t seem to be consecutive connected, and each component will attach to a different component in multiple ways in which. Example – hierarchic organization like trees.


Data structures area unit a key element of applied science and facilitate in understanding the character of a given drawback at a deeper level. they are wide utilised in computer science, in operation systems, graphics, and alternative fields. If the coder is unacquainted with arrangement and algorithmic program, they’ll be unable to put in writing economical data-handling code.

A strong grasp of this is of paramount significance if you want to learn how to organize and assemble data and solve real-life problems
Almost all product-based companies look at how strong you are at data structures, so it will also help you in your day-to-day work
Knowing when to apply the proper data structures is an important step to write efficient code by managing data properly

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Course Content

Python – DS Introduction

Python – Lists

Python – Tuples

Python – Dictionary

Python – Sets

Python – Arrays

Python – Matrix

Python – Maps

Python – Linked Lists

Python – Stack

Python – Queue

Python – Dequeue

Python – Advanced Linked list

Python – Hash Table

Python – Binary Tree

Python – Search Tree

Python – Heaps

Python – Graphs

Python – Algorithm Design

Python – Divide and Conquer

Python – Recursion

Python – Backtracking

Python – Sorting Algorithms

Python – Searching Algorithms

Python – Graph Algorithms

Python – Algorithm Analysis

Python – Big-O Notation

Python – Algorithm Classes

Python – Amortized Analysis

Python – Algorithm Justifications

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